Zach Holman, Maurício Linhares & GitHub Pages

Hello, World! This is my first post and I hope this time I force myself to write more often than the previous 891375 tries in other blogs I’ve created.

The idea of this blog came when I started reading with a certain frequency the posts/tweets from Zach Holman and also when I heard about how Maurício Linhares likes to train his interns.

Holman’s unaware contribution

His website design is minimalistic and very easy on the eyes. He focuses a lot on the content itself (I think) and therefore, right on the front page, you see what he thinks/does/suggests about everything he finds interesting to talk about. Particularly, I find that his approach and opinions about many things to be awesome, so I keep track following him on Twitter and reading his posts from time to time using the awesome interface of Google Reader. This blog’s design was partially inspired by the looks/structure of his website, GitHub and some other personal websites.

Linhares’ approach with interns

… is freaking awesome, in my opinion. To sum it up, basically he asks the new interns to create a blog and start creating posts about certain tech books that he recommends. These books should contribute a lot in the intern’s professional life, since these are not only teaching him how to program in X or Y languages, but to cover the best approaches to problems, teach him some paradigms that are important to any developer and open the intern’s mind to bigger concepts that sometimes lack in devs who are too eager to have the hands dirty in code and forget to cover some basis that will slow them down in the future.

GitHub Pages

That being said, I checked out how Holman created his website and decided to host my personal blog on GitHub Pages too. It is powered by Jekyll, a “a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby”. I think this is a pretty cool and simple way for a developer to keep a blog without much effort so that the focus is producing rather than worrying about other questions that might delay the whole thing.

I was tempted to fork Holman’s GitHub Page code and modify it, but in the end I thought I would learn a bit more if I started from scratch and here and there looked at other GitHub Pages to check how everyone was doing stuff.


I intend to post here ideas/content about Web Development that I find useful sharing, most of the times. I’m currently reading Agile Web Development with Rails and I think I’ll start posting some of the concepts and things I’m learning here. It will probably be useful to someone in the long run (which includes myself!).

Fork Me on Github

The code I created for this blog is open and you can use it the way you want. The only thing I’d like to ask is to shoot me an email if you intend to make use of it and also, since I’ve spent some time on the looks (even though is super simple) would be great if we didn’t have the same visual identity.