#a11yTO 2016 – Accessibility Toronto Camp notes

On November 5th, 2016, I attended to a super cool event full of brilliant people in Toronto: “#a11yTO - Accessibility Toronto Camp”. Was super enlightening and at the same time great for validating some ideas and practices I’ve been acquiring/doing through my time working with accessibility. I figured that dumping the notes I got there would be a good thing for further reference, so here it is.

Book dump: A web for everyone

As a way to document some cool things I’ve been reading on the latests books that caught my attention, I’ll start writing here some of the highlights I did on the books and maybe some afterthought on those as well. Today, we talk about accessibility (a11y).

ES2015 tl;dr; - using functions

Ever got tired of how weird functions (and everything else) work weird in JavaScript? Well, get used to it, cuz we got a long way ahead, but stuff’s getting better, and the functions’ improvements are one of the things we can have a toast to.

ES2015 tl;dr; - using const

Here’s a mind blowing piece of information: const comes from “constant”. You’re welcome. Now let’s dive into more details on how to use it and it’s behaviours so that you don’t get fooled by thinking it should be used only to things that are immutable.